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Thank You Internet

Resurrecting this thing by dumping a musical find onto it. Thank you, Internet, for giving me All The Banjo Music I can listen to over and over again.

(Me thinks they are covering the Sufjan Stevens version of the song, which just makes me love them all the more.)


I'm here. Haven't really felt much like posting though.

*waves hand*

This isn't the LJ you're looking for. Move along. Move along.


Music to Write By

I think I might have found excellent music to use while writing. It sounds like something that comes straight off The Quest soundtrack. Which I really, really want.

Leaving here for future reference. :)

And this one too. Since, you know, it's ALL OF IT.

Call Me Ishmael

Basically - I want to do this.

Stupid Human Award

Dear Rude Person,

Firstly - Thank you for kindly taking into consideration the fact that I don't actually live in your neighborhood and therefore cannot take any available spaces.

Secondly - I actually chose (NOT choosedto park there because I had gotten lost on my way to my destination, and it was the safest and closest to my destination. If I had known the area better I might have considered parking across the street where there was more room. I conveniently noticed none of the cars who did that were rude, even though there supposedly were available parking spaces.

And Thirdly - your rude what? Spelling? Attitude? Grammar? Parking job? If you are going to tell me something is rude, at least have the decency to tell me what that is. Or didn't you know you're being rude by not telling me?

So That Happened

The Sanditon Library posted some poetry on Twitter this morning because apparently today is the birthday (1048) of Omar Khayyám, Persian mathematician & poet best known for his Rubáiyát. The quote that caught my eye was, "The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on ... -Omar Khayyám"

This in turn led to a lengthy discussion about all things Agatha Christie, which has now culminated in them telling me that if I'd love to help them put together a Murder Mystery Event for them, to let them know.

So, if I say yes, I could potentially be planning a virtual Agatha Christie-esque Murder Mystery Event on Twitter in Sanditon.

Anyone else as highly amused by this scenario as I am? And amused by the fact that in crazy enough to actually be considering it?

Famous Person Sighting

The Doctor took the time to stop over to Children's Book World in Haverford, PA tonight to meet a fan*, who made sure to point out that he was an enemy of the Daleks.** Doctor-approved.

*For those not in the know, that is Brandon Sanderson, the author of some really awesome books that EVERYONE needs to read.

**I had whipped out the Tiny TARDIS, and that prompted the story of how his 3-year-old son's nanny has taught him to say, "You're an enemy of the Daleks!" And how he calls Brandon that every time he's unhappy with something his Dad does. To sum Brandon up, he's awesome.

***And here's a shout-out to Lexie and Jennifer,**** who were standing in front of me in line. We got to talking, and it was instant kinship when we discovered a mutual love for YA fantasy and Sci-fi amongst other things. I've now got some awesome book recommendations to work on, and ways to stay in touch. AND they walked me back to my car so I wouldn't have to be in the dark by myself. You, ladies, are made of awesome! (I will link your sites later, when I'm not doing this from my phone.)

****They are what I love about books, or anything fandom-related in general. You have a deep love and passion for something else and all of a sudden you realize, "Hey! You like This Thing as much as I do too? Let's be friends!" And you connect with people you otherwise never would have known. Keep connecting with others over what you love. It makes the universe a much better place to live in.

ALL the breakfast!

Somehow, I think breakfast served all day would be Doctor-approved.


Just your typical Sunday

The Doctor on a college campus? Sounds like a recipe for trouble.


Graduations Galore!

Unbeknownst to all the students, the Doctor showed up to save the student population from a flaming comet that was headed to the main football field. He utilized sonic technology to push it out of the way, thereby saving us all. Of course, all but a few know and appreciate.

(As an aside, I wonder if the Doctor has ever showed up at any college graduations?)

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